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You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep this city vibrant and moving forward. We're doing that, too!

Nothing's sweeter than a fresh red apple or crisp cabbage from your own backyard. Our market's the next best thing. 


...The Grounds

 "We've always wanted to do something with the land adjacent to our parking lot -- about where our original store stood back in 1951," said Gerry D'Alessandro, Jr., Owner of Fourth Avenue Supermarket & Butcher Shoppe.  "We think it will make a great park area where the community can sit at a picnic table and have a cold drink."  About a dozen trees were planted today as well as Azaleas and other flowering plants.  Gerry said that this park project will continue to evolve over the next three years.


Let us know what you would like to see in our park.  Just click on our Contact tab at the top of the page.

Gerry D'Alessandro, Jr. helps bring new plants into the park area.
Three "Little Gem" Magnolias were planted along with a dozen hardwood trees.

Fourth Avenue

Supermarket & Butcher Shoppe

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Bessemer's Youth Football program


Supporting our Community is a tradition that Mr. Frank began when he opened 4th Avenue Supermarket & Butcher Shoppe back in 1951.  It's no different today...Gerry is a proud sponsor of the Bessemer Tigers Youth Football Team!

We have a winner! 

"Mom needed some spices. She asked me to run over to Fourth Avenue Supermarket to pick some up.  She said to buy a ticket for the Escalade drawing while I was there," said Renedre Carter.  "I almost left before the drawing!"

Renedre's name was called after four other names were called who were not present to win.  Congratulations!


Lilly Brown is the March Madness Rib Eyes! text contest winner...congratula- tions Lilly!

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